What is Infrared?

Infrared or IR (for short) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a lower frequency than visible light.

How do Infrared Heat Panels work?

Traditional heating drys out our environment and the loss of heat through the cooling of the air in the room means a requirement for constant burning of fuel to maintain the comfort of those occupying the room.

Using harmless, clean, healthy and incredibly economical electromagnetic waves, that lie just under the visible range of light; Infrared Radiant Heat Panels cleanly and greenly bring us instant, controllable heat at a fraction of the cost of traditional, inefficient and dirty fossil fuel based heating systems.

Are Infrared Heat Panels Really Green?

You bet. Just think about how inefficient traditional heating systems are. Traditional oil or gas fired boilers operate by simply burning precious natural resources that have been mined out of the earth. Your boiler then heats water that is pumped around your home into the radiators, which in turn only heat the air around them. This air rises and the heat is lost. It’s hard to imagine a system of heating that is less efficient and less friendly to the environment. But until now that’s the best we had.

Carbon Infrared heating panels change all of that. They work in the same way as the greatest natural heater of all: the Sun. Using their natural and energy efficient radiant technology ensures that the rampant inefficiencies associated with traditional and outmoded heating systems are a thing of the past.

Of course, that’s good for the planet and your pocket.

What about CO2 Emissions?

None. Quite simply your new Infrared Heating Panel system will not be emitting CO2. You’ll be cleaning up your carbon footprint as well as creating the most comfortable heated environment for you and your family.

Where can I use Infrared Heating Panels?

Anywhere. Home, Office, Retail store, factory, Commercial, government, hospitals,etc, Any type of building will benefit from the installation of Carbon Infrared Panel Heater.

Think about it: traditional heating systems are installed in any and all environments we encounter on a daily basis.

Infrared Heat Panels can be installed in any environment that heating is required and, what’s more, in 100% of cases the environment of the heated space is improved from a heat output, environmental, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and health perspective.

Is Infrared Heating Dangerous?

No. Heating panel is completely safe. There is an incorrect belief that all types of radiation are dangerous. For example sunlight is one of the most common forms of radiation. The only danger from Infrared heat is the same as for any type of heating – don’t stand too close! Ecoway’s infrared heaters are mounted at a minimal height of 120cms to try and prevent any heat related accidents. Not all other heaters adhere to the same guidelines.

In many ways Infrared heat is less dangerous for you than other heating systems. With many traditional heaters air circulates, stirring up dust particles which can affect allergy sufferers. They can also be noisy and sometimes a little smelly! They can also cause condensation and damp. Because infrared heat acts directly, condensation is not an issue and dust particles are not disturbed. Micro Energy Solution Ltd’s infrared heaters are also noise and order free.

What about installation, will this be expensive?

No! Your installation costs will be literally a fraction of cost of installing a traditional radiator in your home. There is no boiler, no flue, no chimney, no pipes, no plumbing, no digging, no cutting, no complicated building works whatsoever. Because infrared heat panels are run with electricity installing a heat panel is as simple as fitting a new light fitting or putting in a socket.

Who should carry out my installation?

Only suitably qualified individuals should tackle electrical work on your home. Consult you local registered electrical contractor for further guidance.

Installing MES’s infrared heating panels is relatively straightforward. You can watch the video(installation brochure) here.

How will I save money with Infrared Heat Panels?

Simple. Infrared heat panels can be up to 70% more cost effective than traditional central heating systems.

Which MES panel is right for me?

It really depends on your tastes and budget. There’s a wide range of models and styles available. Browse all infrared heaters now. If there’s too much choice for you to handle, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.